Friday, May 18, 2012

Teacher's Gifts: 3,2,1 Cake Jars

I'm not a teacher, but I can imagine they may have days when a little cake break would help soothe the frazzled edges.  And since I doubt they have an Easy Bake Oven handy, I thought a jar full of 3,2,1...Cake! mix might be just what the therapist ordered.  It bakes up all fluffy in a single minute in the microwave with just a couple of tablespoons of water.  Perfect for those cake emergency days!

Here's the recipe for the cake mix:  3,2,1...Cake!

I can think of a dozen fun ways to package this, but I just used pint-sized Mason jars.  I painted the rims pink, and used some printed jar lid flats that I grabbed on clearance for just twenty-five cents for a 12-pack.  I added a little tulle left over from the candy party, some pretty scrapbook paper I had on-hand, and slapped on a label I printed on clear Avery label stock.

Note:  When painting the lid rims, I found it easiest to set them on top of a can so I could pick them up and turn them around.  Makes it easy to get good coverage on the first try.  I also found some pre-painted rims (white) coupled with the cutesy gingham print flats at my local Walmart.  They were only $1.50 for 6. 

The cost of each of these cuties was only about $1.50 each!

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