Friday, March 16, 2012

Shall I Over-Decorate?

It's the last official day of Spring Break and since our travel plans got postponed, I was feeling a little mommy-guilt.  (Don't worry.  It's my favorite ailment.  I'll be okay.  I think I may even be developing a healthy tolerance to it.)  Even still, the kiddo was giving me almost hourly updates on who was where and how much fun they were having.

It's not like she was sitting around bored.  She got an impromptu invite to a movie and a sleepover; made a trip to the library;  played something called Whirlyball that is a wacky combination of bumper cars and lacrosse; plus she skated, skated, and skated some more.  Plenty of fun.  Heck! When I was a kid...(well, never mind.)

Back to her childhood, in progress.  I told her she could host a small sleepover.  It's just four girls total, but that's enough for some squeely, up-til-dawn, tween girl fun.  I still haven't recovered fully from the...well, everything that we've been doing the last six months, so I didn't decorate, didn't over-do anything.  It's chips, some already baked sweets, customizable slushies, and kid determined/driven activities.

Easy-breezy.  And weird.  I always over-do party stuff.  I invite too many people, go overboard on the food, and generally stress out myself (and anyone within earshot of my order barking) preparing for a get-together.  For this one, my formal dining room is still a mess from the skate costume shenanigan - not that we were planning a formal dinner in there, but still.  People might see it.  (Gasp!)

I started getting a little itchy about this willy-nilly, no-plan party a few hours before our guests arrived and asked my daughter how she felt about it.  She likes it.  She didn't even take me up on my offer to do some last minute over-decorating.  Crazy, huh?  Or maybe it's NOT crazy?!  That's probably why it feels so uncomfortable for me.  Crazy is my favorite flavor on party day!

(So, when she wasn't looking, I put the chips in pretty hurricane vases and tied them with ribbons.  Shhhh....)

Note:  The hurricane vases were just under five bucks at my local Walmart and the fancy-dancy, wire-edge ribbon was an after-Christmas clearance steal at $.31 for a 9-foot roll.  (Christmas ribbon comes in lots of beautiful colors these days - not just red and green!)

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