Saturday, March 3, 2012

Naked Eggs! So Stinkin' Cool!

What's better on a lazy Saturday morning than eggs?  Raw, naked eggs!

"Don't look, Ethyl!  Dem aigs are nekkid!"

I found this experiment (via Pinterest) on Imagination Station.  You dissolve the shell from raw eggs by soaking them in vinegar but the membrane stays in tact.  We put four eggs in to soak on Thursday night, and we were able to gently wipe of the remaining shell this morning.  Waiting was the hardest part. 

I thought they might feel slimy.  They didn't at all.  The membrane felt more like a balloon.  We soaked them in water and they swelled right up!  (See pic below)  Consequently, we discovered they're a little more fragile this way - careful!

Click on either of the links above to get full instructions and ideas for ways to play with your naked eggs. 

Hope you'll try it! It's so much more fun than vacuuming!

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