Sunday, March 18, 2012

Candy Party: Whiffle Ball Lights

This is quite possibly my favorite project of the candy party.  We were cleaning out a storage unit and came upon a big bucket of whiffle balls.  The darling daughter wondered aloud, "If we paint them, won't they look like candy with polka-dots?"  Why, yes.  Yes, they would.  Or...

I still had a string of Christmas lights hanging around, the cellophane wrap was a candy party staple already, and the solid color tissue paper was easy to come by.  I was a little leery about wrapping tissue paper around the lights since some lights can generate quite a bit of heat.  I plugged in my strand and left them on all day to see if this was the case.  Nope!  I was in luck!  I had a string of stay-cool lights.  (Probably paid extra for that little feature, and I was glad to have it!)

The string had 100 lights, but I only wanted to have six candy balls since they'd be taking up valuable tabletop space.  I counted twenty lights from the plug and then shoved three lights, one at a time, into one of the whiffle ball holes.  When I got those in, I skipped nine lights and then shoved three more lights into the next ball, and so on.  Once they were all lighted, I wrapped each one in a piece of tissue secured with tape.  The cellophane wrap is next, also secured with a little piece of clear tape.  Curling ribbon on both sides of each ball completes the candy look.  Fun!

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  1. Do you think the cellophane and tissue paper would do ok outside during the winter?