Saturday, March 3, 2012

Candy Party: Coin Wrapper Candy Garland

Once again, I found inspiration on Pinterest.  Big surprise, right?

The brilliant crafting minds over at Martha Stewart Living wrapped up actual rolls of coins to look like candy as stocking stuffers.  I had been planning to use toilet paper cores, but this size is so much cuter!

~Bag of coin rollers from Dollar Tree
~Printed tissue paper (also from Dollar Tree)
~Something to stuff them with - I reused brown packing paper
~Iridescent cellophane wrap

Step 1:  Stuff
You might could get away with skipping this step, but I just used some old packing paper to help the coin wrappers hold their shape.

Step 2:  Wrap in Tissue, Twist Ends
I found the PERFECT candy-looking tissue at Dollar Tree.  For this project I used the striped sheets and wrapped them on an angle.  I'd love to give you precise measurements here, but I just eye-balled it like I always do. Tape to secure.

Step 3: Wrap in Cellophane
Since this didn't need to be on an angle, I just cut a strip wide enough - make sure there's plenty of width for the end twisting - and then rolled up to determine where to cut it off.

Step 4:  Tie Ends
Curling ribbon might be a good choice here.  I happened to have rolls and rolls of this shiny, wire-edge ribbon I practically stole from the Wal-Mart Christmas clearance.  It was marked 75% off so I got each roll for about a quarter.  Score!

Step 5:  String Together
I thought I'd be able to run a large needle threaded with embroidery floss through the centers, but it turned out the stuffed rollers were too dense.  I ended up using two strands of clear fishing line to wrap around the "belly" of each one with a knot above and below.

Save a few to toss around the table, adorn gifts, or add to a wreath.

Easy, right?  And SO much better than doing dishes!

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  1. This is genius!! I am doing a candy themed baby shower and am not crafty but I just finished the first one. Way to go!!!

  2. I'm SO glad this works for you Jenny! You can also use this same wrapping techniques on small Styrofoam discs and spheres (from the dollar store) to make larger candies. (Maybe I should get that post up on the blog? hahaha)

  3. Can you please clarify how you strung them together?

    1. They are not strung end-to-end as may be expected. They are strung in a stacked fashion and the string wraps around the center of the finished candy. It's not ideal, but I didn't realize my "Plan A" would not work until it didn't. ;)

  4. I'm going to try this using toilet paper rolls!