Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fun-Size Candy Bags - Valentine's Day

When I first made these for our skate team, I couldn't stop thinking how fun they'd be for all the other holidays.  This is our Valentine's Day version of the fun-size candy bags.

If you're a last-minute-mama like me, you'll love these!  You probably already have everything you need on hand and they come together lickity-split!

 What you'll need:
  • Stamp (or cookie cutter)
  • Ink (or paint)
  • Markers (or colored pencils)
  • Freezer Paper
  • Iron
  • Small Candies
  • Scissors

Here's how I did it:

  1. STAMP:  Stamp out your design on the paper side of the freezer paper. (The slick and shiny side has a plastic coating that will be melted to form the "seam" around the edge.)  Leave lots of room around each image so you can do a rough cut around them.  Since I almost never have stamp pads lying around, but ALWAYS have acrylic paint, I used that.  Choose whatever you like. You can even hand-draw a design if you're so inclined.  Whatever floats your boat.
  2. COLOR:  Give the kiddo some markers or colored pencils to draw designs inside the shape.  Marker colors will show through because the paper is not very thick, but the candy will be protected by the plastic lining.  (You can skip this step altogether if you have a more decorative stamp and/or don't want to get the kids involved.)
  3. CUT:  Rough cut your designs and match them up with a similar sized cut of blank freezer paper.  Line them up with paper-sides out.  It doesn't have to match perfectly all the way around, just make sure you have one edge that you can line up AND the blank piece is large enough to cover the entire image. Don't cut around the entire image just yet.  Trust me on this.
  4. IRON:  With your iron set on high (no-steam), use the tip of the iron to meld the two pieces together along the one edge you have lined up. I chose a straight side just to make it easy.  Once the two pieces are joined together, it's much easier to cut out.  Cut around the entire design, leaving about a quarter of an inch along the outside edges. Continue ironing along all but one of the edges, leaving an opening for the candy.  Be careful to keep your iron along the edges so the center of your bag will remain open.
  5. FILL & CLOSE:  Fill with your choice of candies, making sure not to overfill. Iron the opening closed.

Tips & Tricks
  • Add a handwritten note.  I found this is easiest after the bag is constructed and cut out but BEFORE filling.  I stacked up the ready-to-fill bags and let the kiddo write "from M..." on the backside.
  • Keep the fill opening small.  It's tricky to fill bags with a small opening, but a large opening will make it very difficult to iron the bag closed once the candy is inside.  The bulk from the candy will cause bulges making it very hard to line up your edges.  Go with the smallest opening possible - mine was along one of the straight sides and was large enough for me to poke it open with my index finger.  I dumped the candy into a large bowl and held the bags over the bowl while filling.  That way, whatever didn't make it into the bag didn't end up on the floor.
  • Examine the edges as you're filling the bags.  It will be easy to spot weak "seams".  Just run the iron along them again to seal them up, but be careful not to melt your candy inside.
  • Stamp more than you need.  Unless you're confident that every image you stamp will be perfect and you'll not hit any snags in the construction process, I recommend stamping out a few extra of your design.
Want to try some of your own?  I hope so!  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Note:  These were initially inspired by Peppermint Plum's Sewn Candy Pouch when I was under the gun to come up with some small gifts for our skater friends.  After I posted this, I also found these fun stapled versions from Dana Made It  through Pinterest.


  1. I love this. I just found your website looking for a sour cream trick and I can't stop clicking around. I just found you on Pinterest as well to follow you there.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting, Peggy! I'm new to the blog world so I was THRILLED to see your comment. Let me know if you try any of the projects. I'd love to know how they work for you. :)