Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chocolate or White?

Why, BOTH, of course!

Since we have nearby family AND I would never dream of subjecting them to the chaos of one of our kid parties, we host a separate family-style party for birthdays.  My husband's birthday and my daughter's birthday are just three weeks apart, so this year I combined them.

It's generally a nice, quiet, laid-back gathering with a home cooked meal and a homemade cake.  The kiddo LOVES to pipe icing, so I bake and she adorns.

Since it was a shared party, there was a little debate about the flavor of the cake, but no need to decide!  Combine! (Are you sensing a theme here?)

I love heart-shaped stuff but I'm usually too busy during the Valentine's Day hoorah to do much with it AND I got these great Wilton heart-shaped baking pans on clearance after V-Day, sooo...HEART-SHAPED, IT IS!

The four layers made for an impressive looking cake.  Impressive, but extremely difficult to serve!  I ended up cutting the cake right down the center, and then cutting 3/4 inch slices perpendicular from the center slice.  This also required a large spatula to catch each piece as it fell.  Even at 3/4 inch, the slices were, um...generous, but tasty!

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